Introducing MINXTRESS

Professional dominatrix,  with over 6 years experience,  I come with a fully equipped play room, and lots of implements and toys.

If you have a fetish you need too feed or explore come and see me and we can do something about it .

If you want too be my anal whore get in touch so I can abuse you with my strap on like the little cock whore that you are.

Do you need too be taken in hand by a strict aunt, disappointed headmaster/mistress,  an unhappy spouse, a sexist boss or contact me about any other role play you require.

Do you just need to be seductively teased, me running my manicured finger tips over your body, through your hair, teasing your cock, getting you hard and bringing you too point of orgasm you never knowing weather permission too orgasm will be granted or not!

Does the worthless pig just need too beg for humiliation at the end of my sharp tongue, being told what a worthless cunt that you are as whilst you clean my feet with that pathetic tongue of yours.

you decide on the basics and I will make it 100% better than you thought, I am unshockable so don’t be shy come tell me your deepest darkest desires.

Where you are young or old,  new or experienced everyone is welcome.

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